Danske Bank Group PKI Service is a service for customers who make and manage certificates used to communicate with the bank through Web Services. Customers will be able to create, renew and revoke own certificates and fetch various information about them. 

The zip-file PKI Service Documentation for Danske Bank Group is a detailed description of what the service offers and how to implement it.

The other zip-file contains the Danske Bank root certificate. The zip-file is signed by the banks VeriSign (Symantec) certificate. The root certificate can be used by 3rd-party software to verify other bank certificates.

Authenticity of the banks VeriSign (Symantec) certificate can be checked for example by using jarsigner. To be able to run jarsigner it is necessary to have Java JDK installed. Access jarsigner through the command prompt and either go to the directory where jarsigner is installed or if already set up as a windows path, just run the program from any location. Help to use jarsigner can be found at oracle.com

Download the PKI Service Documentation for Danske Bank Group (.zip)

Download the root certificate for Danske Bank Group (.zip)

Download Certificate Policy (CP) for the Danske Bank Group PKI Service (pdf)

Download Danske Bank Group Certification Practice Statement - financial services, Finland (pdf)

EDI Formats

For more information about EDIFACT and EDI solutions, including the various data formats, please visit the Integration Services section of the Danske Bank Business site: Integration Services