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Fraud Prevention

Be extra careful of fraudsters these days

Whilst businesses are focusing their efforts on contributing to preventing further spread of the Corona virus in the Nordics, this is unfortunately also a time when fraudsters are likely to be more active. We advice you to please be extra careful. 

It can be difficult to spot fraud, as fraudsters aim to exploit human psychology and other social engineering techniques to commit their crime. Below you can read more about the most common types of fraud and how to prevent becoming a victim of it.

IT Fraud

In Danske Bank, we are committed to protect our customers’ business against fraud, and we respond immediately to any suspicious activity.

In the below file, you can read about how to best protect your business against IT fraud.

Protecting your business against IT fraud

How to spot and prevent fraud

Fraud comes in many shapes and sizes but we have gathered the most common types of fraud in the below document, where you can learn more about how to spot fraud and mitigate the risk of becoming a victim of fraud. You can also read more about what to do in case you and your business have already become victim of fraud.

Fraud prevention do’s and don’ts

You may also find some of our most common recommendations to combat e.g. CEO fraud via this link. 

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