Take control over your payments with DynamicPay

DynamicPay is an efficient administration tool for invoices that enables easy payout with a cash discount

When you do business with other businesses, you may experience extended payment dates, which can challenge your cash flow.

When you do business with other businesses everything might not always go as planned. Payments dates might be extended without permission, negotiations for cash discounts might be cumbersome and the lack of transparency together with inefficient processes can hurt your business.

DynamicPay is Danske Bank’s award-winning and easy-to-use online solution that gives you control of incoming payments by encouraging early payment with a cash discount.

Corporate customers of Danske Bank may use DynamicPay when acting as a buyer, whereas suppliers do not need to be Danske Bank customers to join the solution.

How does it work

DynamicPay provides a cash discount based on the number of days until original due date. This way, buyers save money by paying earlier than agreed to, while suppliers gain access to faster payments against accepting a slightly lower price.

As a supplier, you send your invoices to your customers exactly as you do it today. Once approved by your customer, the payments will appear in DynamicPay with a full overview of your options. You can then choose which invoices you want early payment for, or do nothing and receive your payment on the due date.

Are you a buyer? 

As a buyer, DynamicPay can easily be added to your existing payment process with Danske Bank. You simply decide which suppliers may see future incoming payments through DynamicPay and whether they should have the possibility to select early payout.

Buyers need not worry about the liquidity risk, as there are several ways to control the early payout as well as tools for forecasting liquidity needs.


Want to know more?

If you need more information, please contact your Relationship Manager in Danske Bank or visit our supplier site, Dynamicpay.com.

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