Counter risk on the sales and purchase of goods and services

Doing business with others involves risk. Countering substantial risk requires meticulous planning and action taking. For instance, for a Nordic corporation, the export of goods to a new importer in a distant country may cause concern. How to safeguard that goods arrive safely and invoices are paid and in due time?
Also, many corporates are increasingly concerned with safeguarding their supply chain. They want to strengthen relationships with their core suppliers for a sustainable business. On the other hand, innate conflicting pressures on payment terms and prices persist, as when due date is measured in months, this affects working capital and liquidity.

A whole suite of solutions available

In either situation, Danske Bank is ready to help. We offer a comprehensive range of trade related products to reduce trade, currency and credit risks when you do business abroad. Products include letters of credit, guarantees and documentary collections. You also benefit from our long-term cooperation with a network of screened correspondent banks in close and remote export markets.
Likewise, we supply a number of well-proved business financing and working capital solutions, including export financing, invoice discounting and reverse factoring. If you wish to discuss your sales financing possibilities, we are happy to offer our advisory, drawing upon years of experience and our team of skilled experts.

Please learn more below.

Export financing

Finance the sales of capital goods and services abroad.

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Reverse factoring

Improve balance sheets for you and your supplier with the help of a factor.

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Invoice discounting

Save money whilst helping your suppliers with DynamicPayTM.

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Liquidity Management

Managing the liquidity at a large company with multiple subsidiaries

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Use a bank guarantee to mitigate risks when trading internationally.

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Letters of Credit

Safeguard receipt of payment with a letter of credit.

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Collection Service

Outsource your invoicing and use direct debit for automated debtor withdrawal.

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International Payments

You can transfer funds to almost all countries in the world

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