Mastercard® is a credit card accepted at over 33 million locations worldwide. Danske Bank in Germany issues Mastercard® credit cards to named individuals. If your company has several cards in use, all cards are registered under one unique company reference. The name of the cardholder as well as the company name may also be printed on the card.

We are able to offer you two types of Mastercard®, namely a Business Card Standard and a Business Card Gold. Both types of card include worldwide travel accident insurance in hotels, rental cars and public transport, if you paid theses services with your Mastercard®.

The Business Card Gold includes the following additional insurance benefits:

  • Overseas travel insurance
  • Overseas accident and breakdown cover
  • Legal protection insurance and third party insurance for rental cars
  • Private travel liability insurance

Here you can find the insurance terms & conditions for your Mastercard® Business Card Standard and Mastercard® Business Card Gold.

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