District is our new customisable platform for businesses, enabling you to make even better financial decisions. District replaces our former online banking solution, Business Online.  

With District, it is easy to manage your daily banking business, and by adding extra modules to the standard solution, you can create a platform that matches your exact needs.  

District is the easy way to get an overview of your business’ finances, liquidity and cash flows. You can quickly create and authorise payments, and you will have a full overview of accounts and payments – across borders and currencies - besides up-to-date currency and securities prices, analyses and market news. 

With District’s basic solution, you have everything you need to handle the daily finances of your business. You can quickly perform payments and you have full account and payments overview.

You can also receive a notification when something important happens in your business’s accounts – for example, when a payment exceeds a certain amount or when the account balance moves below a set limit. 

The standard solution includes:

List of accounts

A full overview of accounts and balances, across borders and currencies


Easy creation and authorisation of all types of payments including standing orders


Provides you with a notification when something important happens in your business's accounts so you can take action in case of discrepancies


Possibility to receive letters and account statements for your business electronically

Additional modules are amongst others:

Collection Service

Collect invoices with SEPA Direct Debit Core or B2B

File Transfer

Possibility to submit your created payment and collection files to the bank or download account statements

You can read more about District here

Business Portal

Our innovative local e-banking system Business Portal provides a powerful online solution, which is easy to implement and use. Business Portal serves as a convenient and efficient electronic banking system, and has functions for transactions, cash management, and ERP integration. Business Portal is a web-based multibank portal, and it is accessible through our home page.

All functions are included in an integrated system that can be modularly adapted to your individual needs and which run under a homogenous user interface.

It is possible to request and view account details as well as process SEPA and international transactions from your account. Business Portal enables you to operate all your German bank accounts by means of one system. The so-called Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard EBICS provides the Business Portal access to data from almost all German banks.

Business Portal is at your disposal 24 hours around the clock; bank statements are continuously updated and available.