Deposits in Danske Bank A/S S.A. Branch in Poland are protected by the Danish Guarantee Fund (Garantiformuen).

Scheme responsible for protection of your deposits

Any deposits accepted by the Bank shall be subject to statutory protection pursuant to Danish Parliament Act on Depositor and Investors No. 917 of 8 July 2015 (the “Guarantee Fund”).

General limit of protection

If a deposit is unavailable because a credit institution is unable to meet its financial obligations, depositors are repaid by a deposit guarantee scheme. This repayment covers a maximum of EUR 100,000 (or its equivalent in the relevant currency) per credit institution subject to protection. This means that all deposits with the same credit institution are added up in order to determine the coverage level. If, for instance, a depositor holds a savings account with EUR 90,000 and a current account with PLN equivalent of EUR 20,000, he or she will be repaid only EUR 100,000 (or its equivalent in a different currency). In some cases, deposits are protected above EUR 100,000. Deposits in pension savings accounts pursuant to legislation are fully covered. Deposits resulting from transactions relating to real property are covered up to an amount equal to EUR 10 million (about DKK 75 million) for a period of up to 12 months from the date the amount was deposited if the real property was used or is intended mainly for non-commercial purposes. Deposits that have a social purpose pursuant to legislation and are linked to special life events such as marriage, divorce or disability are covered up to an amount equal to EUR 150,000 for a period of up to six months from the date the amount was deposited. Deposits resulting from damages or compensation pursuant to legislation for damage or injury resulting from a criminal act or miscarriage of justice are covered up to an amount equal to EUR 150,000 for a period of up to six months from the date the amount was deposited. Additional information is available at

Limit of protection applying to joint accounts

For joint accounts, the limit of EUR 100,000 applies to each depositor separately.


The deposit guarantee scheme responsible is: Garantiformuen, Kalvebod Brygge 43, DK-1560 København V, tel. +45 33 14 62 45, e-mail:, website: The deposits (a maximum of EUR 100,000) must be repaid within seven business days. If you have not been repaid within these deadlines, you should contact the deposit guarantee scheme since the time to claim repayment may expire. More information is available at

Other important information

All retail depositors and businesses are generally covered by deposit guarantee schemes. Information about any exemptions applying to certain deposits is provided at the website of the deposit guarantee scheme responsible. Your credit institution will also inform you of whether certain products are covered or not. If the deposits are covered, the credit institution will also confirm this on your statements of account.

The Guarantee Fund for Depositors and Investors