Continuously improving liquidity and working capital is a major challenge for many corporate customers seeking to optimise their businesses, and an area which is becoming increasingly prioritised amongst large companies. However, since often involving multiple accounts across different countries and currencies, the task is also vastly complex.

Danske Bank is set to make cash management easy. We offer full-scale cash management services and tailored solutions to match even the most complex requirements, built on our award-winning cash management infrastructure and tools.

Our cash management services in Poland include but are not limited to:

  • Online and real time access to accounts from anywhere,
  • Real time cash concentration via cash pool arrangements,
  • Virtual accounts solution for automatic reconciliation,
  • Cash processing services,
  • Corporate cards.

Danske Bank is a direct member of the Polish clearing and international settlement systems, thus we are able to offer all types of payments including low- and high-value domestic payments, direct debit, SWIFT payments and SEPA Credit Transfers.

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