Danske Bank Group is one of the leading players on the global interbank foreign exchange market. We offer our clients highly competitive terms and conditions to:

  • buy and sell all the convertible currencies,
  • conclude hedging transactions such as FX forward and FX swap,
  • place ‘price orders’, which enable our clients to sell or buy a determined foreign currency amount at a desired exchange rate.

The exchange rate for transactions exceeding PLN 50.000 or the equivalent of this amount in other currencies is subject to direct negotiations with the dealers of the Treasury Department.

Clients who wish to conclude only simple FX spot transactions will find the necessary forms here.

Foreign exchange rates are one of the most uncertain aspects of doing business abroad. Even small currency fluctuations can have a serious impact on the profitability of your company.

Foreign exchange forward contracts offer a way of insuring yourself against adverse currency movements. By entering an FX forward contract, you can lock in the price of the future transaction.

An FX forward transaction enables you to:

  • hedge against foreign exchange risk,
  • take advantage of interest rate differentials,
  • know your cash flow in advance,
  • improve financial planning.

Danske Bank offers FX forward contracts on competitive terms.

For more information please contact our Treasury Department