Through our partnership with An Post, Danske Bank's corporate and institutional clients can avail of An Post's branch network to lodge cash at the post office, and also lodge cheques at selected post offices.  
Refer to An Post at for the services available at each post office.

Cash Lodgements 
When lodging cash, you must use a *barcoded lodgement slip or your Mastercard debit card or your Mastercard corporate card.  The transaction will be processed by post office staff and you will receive a transaction receipt.  Foreign cash is not accepted.
Cash lodgements will be credited to your account within 90 minutes and you will receive value on the next banking day.

Cheque Lodgements 

When lodging a cheque, you must use a *barcoded lodgement slip. Complete a lodgement slip recording the amount in the cheque amount box.  Detach the completed slip and enclose both the cheque(s) and the lodgement slip in a *cheque lodgement bag - lodgement slip facing up.  Seal the bag and present it at the post office. 

An Post will accept foreign cheques (foreign cash is not accepted) accompanied by a *barcoded lodgement slip. 
Any cheques lodged through a post office will not be deemed to be lodged to an account until received by Danske Bank. Cheques lodged before last time of post will be posted to your account within two business days. Cheques lodged on a non-business day will be credited to your account within three business days.

Alternatively, if it is not possible to visit a post office which accepts cheque lodgements, you can post cheques to Danske Bank accompanied with a *barcoded lodgement slip to Danske Bank, PO Box 3345, Dublin 1.  Where you choose to post cheques to us you do so at your own risk.  Accordingly we recommend you retain a copy of the cheque and lodgement slip in case it is lost in the post, as the bank does not accept liability for or have the ability to trace such lodgements.

*To order lodgement books or cheque lodgement bags contact our Corporate Support team.

For any other queries contact our Corporate Support team or your Relationship Manager.