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Forecast your cash flow

Predict cash flows and prepare for the future.

Danske Bank’s Cash Flow Forecast solution is designed to help bridge this gap. By selecting the relevant accounts across your banking connections, the solution creates liquidity transparency, providing you with an instant and real time liquidity overview.

Cash flow forecasting is one of the cornerstones in managing your company’s liquidity, and helps you gain a comprehensive view into your current and future cash flows.

An efficient cash flow forecasting supports your company’s financial health and ensures the ability to operate, short term and long term.


How does it work?

Cash Flow Forecast improves and supports your day-to-day cash and liquidity management, and helps you make decisions and act in good time. It also enables you to adjust to seasonal fluctuations and estimate future funding needs.


You can create forecasts and customise forecast views across multiple accounts and legal entities, and compare and analyse further across different currencies and forecasts through consolidation of forecasts.

To include accounts outside Danske Bank you can use SWIFT or the manual account functionality, and you can automatically import known hedges directly from Danske Bank and update Account Receivables & Account Payables data through file upload. Forecast data is shown in tables and intuitive graphical views that compare forecast data with actual inflow and outflow information.





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