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Cash flow forecasting is one of the cornerstones in managing your company’s liquidity, and gaining a comprehensive view of current and future cash flows enables you to prepare for the future.

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What can Cash Flow Forecast do for you?

Danske Bank’s Cash Flow Forecast solution is designed to help you ensure that you can meet your financial obligations, and it supports you in making financial decisions such as optimising your interest payments and FX risk management.

With Cash Flow Forecast, you can create multiple forecasts for your business needs, consolidated across companies, currencies, countries and banks.

Cash Flow Forecast improves your day-to-day cash and liquidity management, supporting you in making decisions in due time. It also enables you to adjust to seasonal fluctuations and estimate future funding needs.

You can get access to Cash Flow Forecast directly in District, where you can create an easy access and overview of your forecasts through widgets on the District Dashboard.

Benefits of Cash Flow Forecast

  • The solution is based on accounts, and the account balances are automatically updated in the forecast as the opening balance.

  • You can create, customise and consolidate forecast views across multiple accounts, banks, countries, legal entities and currencies.

  • You can create forecasts based on accounts payable and accounts receivable or on historical inflows and outflows on the accounts included in the forecast.

  • Forecast data is shown in tables and intuitive graphical views that compare forecast data with information about the actual inflow and outflow.

How does Cash Flow Forecasting enable better liquidity and risk management?


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