Optimise liquidity with proven Cash Management services

Continuously improving liquidity and working capital is a major challenge for many corporate customers seeking to optimise their businesses, and an area which is becoming increasingly prioritised amongst large companies. However, since often involving multiple accounts across different countries and currencies, the task is also vastly complex.

Danske Bank is set to make cash management easy. We offer full-scale cash management services and tailored solutions to match even the most complex requirements, built on our award-winning cash management infrastructure and tools.

More specifically, we enable you to optimise liquidity with cash pool solutions, and to improve transparency and financial visibility with solutions such as ‘Cash Flow Forecast’. Other cash management solutions include ‘DynamicPay’, which helps suppliers gain access to immediate liquidity against accepting a cash discount to the buyer, just to name a few.

Relevant advisory

When wanting to further optimise your financials, we offer a well-established advisory methodology to run through the different processes of your treasury organisation. Accordingly, we assist in establishing the key aspects of the financial value chain, evaluating how they work today and looking at how they will work in the future.

As a result, you will gain valuable knowledge on the expected implications and return on investments of considered strategic initiatives. We support you all the way through making the most viable decisions, and we enable you to benchmark your financial processes against those best in class.

Read more about Danske Banks specific cash management offerings and products below or reach out to your Relationship Manager.

Liquidity Management

Maintain a healthy level of liquidity in your business

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Working Capital management

Tailor-made solutions to improve your working capital

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In-house Bank

Enhance cross-currency efficiency with an in-house bank

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District is our customisable platform for businesses, enabling you to make even better financial decisions

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Cash Flow Forecasting

Get a real-time overview of your cash flow and perform scenario planning

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Gain added efficiency in your payment flows and make it easy to receive or send funds

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