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Custody Services

As one of the largest Nordic custodian banks, we offer you access to Nordic and international securities markets through our advanced IT-platform. Moreover, our clients highly appreciate our holistic service model.

The custody value chain can generally be divided into four main areas: trade capturing, safekeeping & settlement, asset servicing and data reporting – and we support you in all these steps. Once you enter a trade with a counterparty, we provide various input channels to capture the instructions. We offer safekeeping and settlement of securities in 75+ markets globally, and provide streamlined, timely and accurate event management from record creation to entitlements. We offer extensive reporting capabilities, which can be provided in several different formats according to your specific needs.

Additionally, we can assist you with complementary asset servicing solutions such as Nordic and international proxy voting services as well as extensive tax services. These services can ease your life throughout the demanding and complex investment landscape.

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Depositary Services

Danske Bank’s Depositary Services safeguard your assets and perform cash flow monitoring.

Danske Bank has developed a highly automated, data driven depositary service system with flexible connectivity solutions. Our clients can therefore benefit from professional and highly effective risk assessment as well as control procedures on an arm’s length principle. Our primary focus is on the one hand to ensure investor protection and on the other hand to provide services that facilitate regulatory compliance for our clients.

We service funds with the following permitted investments: custodial assets, FX and derivatives, private equity and real estate.

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Back & Middle Office

Our Back & Middle Office Service offers an opportunity to benefit from our fully-fledged capabilities in Danske Bank. We can support you holistically with post-trade services, starting from trade capturing, processes and life-cycle management up to asset servicing, derivatives, FX and Repo services.

The Back & Middle Office Service is an extension to individual post-trade services we offer. It enables you and your organisation to fully focus on your core business and outsource major processes to Danske Bank. You are virtually handing over your post-trade processes to our dedicated experts. By leveraging our digital capabilities, not only can you mitigate your operational risk, but also reduce your internal costs.

Our solution allows you to scale up your asset management activities, for instance by using new instruments or adding more counterparty and trading volumes.

Collateral Management

We offer a fully-fledged solution, covering everything from MTM valuation to the collateral exchange between you and your bilateral counterparties. We are the sole Nordic Initial Margin service provider, with a simple and intuitive digital interface for real-time monitoring and reporting.

With more than 20 dedicated experts and a market leading digital infrastructure, our Collateral Management team currently handles over 2.000 agreements in total. We consistently ensure regulatory compliance for our clients through close collaboration with respective legal- and regulatory experts. Throughout the process, 3rd-party collateral management is fully segregated from the bank’s agreements.

Collateral Management includes MTM valuation and margin calculation for all open positions, counterparty communications, collateral exchange as well as daily reconciliation. Underlying reports are available in various channel and in different formats – designed to integrate with most major portfolio management systems.

Derivatives Clearing

We provide an exhaustive clearing infrastructure for our clients, both for OTC- and Exchange-Traded Derivatives. You can benefit from our cost-efficient set-up as well as our highly professional execution team, while mitigating financials and operation risk of your trades.

We offer derivatives clearing directly at LCH, EUREX as well as Nasdaq OMX, and indirect clearing on a wide range of other global exchanges. Our capabilities can cater a wide range of fixed income and equity derivatives, including major products such as interest rate swaps, forward rate agreements as well as government bond futures and options.

Our dedicated collateral management team can help you to reduce operational complexity, so that you can focus on your core business. You get a complete trade life-cycle overview and receive relevant regulatory reports in a tailored form and preferred channels.

Find documents and regulatory disclosures related to derivatives clearing

FX Services

As a direct CLS member, we offer centralised FX settlement for our clients in the world’s most actively traded currencies. Our services can help you to mitigate your counterparty risk, increase your operational efficiency and liquidity.

Our CLS solution accommodates FX spot, FX forwards, FX swaps as well as exercised FX options. As a counterpart-neutral solution, you can continue to use the FX broker of your choice. For the currencies and instruments that are not supported by CLS, we offer our non-CLS solution. In that context, Danske Bank directly matches and settles the trades on your behalf with your trading counterparties.

Settling all CLS transactions simultaneously (Payment vs. Payment), allows you to mitigate your counterparty settlement risk. In addition, you can significantly increase your liquidity through multilateral netting, which creates solely one payment per currency per day regardless of the number of trades. Lastly, the matching and the settlement are conducted in the automated flow on the same platform, further reducing your operational risk in the post-trade value chain.

Nordic Cash Clearing

Danske Bank offers a full-scale cash clearing solution to  Financial Institutions in Danish Kroner (DKK), Swedish Kroner (SEK), Norwegian Kroner (NOK) and EUR payments to the Nordics.

  For more than 15 years our international nostro clients have been benefiting from our market leading expertise, best in class customer experience and our strong payment processing platform.  

  Danske Bank has been voted by Prospera as #1 Cash Management bank in the Nordics for 9 out of the last 10 years.

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