Single provider for all your payment collections

Do you find it a hassle to manage your business’s payment collections? Does it involve collecting payments in different countries and different formats? And is it difficult for you to get an overview of the payment collection status in one place?

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Digitalise your payment collection process with our Collection Service solution

With Danske Bank’s Collection Service, we deal with the complexities of payment collections on your behalf so that you can spend your time focusing on your primary business activities. Collection Service is a centralised platform for managing payment collections that streamlines the payment collection process. Because payments are collected promptly and efficiently, your business can also benefit from improved cash flows.

One point of entry for local and global payment collections

Danske Bank’s Collection Service simplifies your business’s payment collections by providing one point of entry for all your collection types – from paper invoices to direct debits and e-invoices.

Better control of your cash flows

As well as helping you to streamline your business’s processes, Collection Service also helps you to reduce costs, improve accuracy and control your cash flows more efficiently.

Flexible solution tailored to your needs

Collection Service can be customised to your business and is adaptable as your business grows. With Collection Service handling your payment collections, you can focus on your primary business activities.

How does it work?

By using Danske Bank’s Collection Service solution, you let us handle your entire payment collection process – from invoicing through to bill settlement. Depending on the needs of your business and the countries in which your business operates, we can handle e-invoices and direct debits.

All you need is an account with Danske Bank and a District agreement that includes the Collection Service module. When you want to make a payment collection, simply send us a file in the agreed format with the required information. We will then collect payments on your behalf and provide you with all collection information. For direct debits you are required to have authorisation to debit your debtor’s account.

District offers you real-time access to and a clear overview of all your payment collections. You can use one standard file format for your direct debits across the Nordic countries, and we will convert the files into the appropriate local formats for you.

One-stop-service for payment collections

Danske Bank’s Collection Service is a one-stop-service for all your business’s payment collections. We offer local direct debit solutions in the Nordic countries, the UK and Poland, and SEPA Direct Debit in all SEPA countries.

We offer e-invoices in the Nordic countries and paper invoices across the rest of the world.

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