How does it work
By using our Collection Service, you ask us to handle your entire collection process, from invoicing through bill settlement. Depending on your preference, we apply invoices or direct debit, and to a certain extent, the invoice information is decided by you. We also help you establish relevant local accounts and take care of your local service provider agreements.

All you need is an account with Danske Bank and a District agreement. When you want to make a collection, simply send us a file with the required information in the agreed format. Payments are collected automatically and you receive all aggregated collection information.

Solution depending on country

In the Nordics, collections take place by local invoice or direct debit. In Poland, Germany, the UK and the Republic of Ireland, we offer direct debit or collections by internationaI invoice. In other countries, we offer international invoices.


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Find out which formats you should use when contacting Danske Bank.

Please access information on requirements, implementation guide and sample invoice here.