You can transfer funds to almost all countries in the world by using the international SWIFT system. Simply order a cross-border payment in District, indicating your recipient's IBAN and BIC numbers, as otherwise your transaction might be added additional fees or may be rejected. Learn more about BIC and IBAN here.
Accounts in other countries
When performing frequent cross-border payments, it might be relevant to open an account in one of our branches or partnership banks abroad. Please reach out to us to discuss your needs.


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SEPA and SEPA Direct Debit

The Euro area has one common standard and format for payments, SEPA. SEPA allows you to handle international payments as easy and fast as domestic payments between the countries in SEPA area and to perform secure and cost-efficient transfer of funds.

SEPA also serves as a local direct debit instrument for transactions in euro. This holds a number of benefits such as same day value, immediate reconciliation of payments, and reduced fee costs. If you want details on how to get the most out of SEPA, please contact your Cash Manager or find out more below.