Zenegy Payroll – an easy and efficient payroll solution

Working with payroll and HR administration can be cumbersome and time consuming. With Zenegy Payroll, it has become easier.

You get a fully digital payroll solution with automation to help you achieve easy processing of payroll and HR data.

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Payrolls made easy

No cumbersome manual processes

Zenegy Payroll simplifies payroll administration through automation that helps you save time and reduce errors to a minimum.

A convenient app for your employees

In Zenegy’s app, your employees can view interactive payslips, register hours, track salary payments and time registrations and order holiday periods.

Integration into your systems

Zenegy has an open API. This means that Zenegy Payroll can be integrated into for example ERP, HR and productivity systems.

What is Zenegy Payroll?

Zenegy Payroll is a digital solution for payroll administration that simplifies your payroll work. Specifically, Zenegy Payroll is an intelligent platform with which your processes can be automated and integrated into your systems. The solution is available to customers in Denmark.

Danske Bank has entered into a partnership with Zenegy, the provider of the Zenegy Payroll solution. If you are a customer of both Danske Bank and Zenegy, you can retrieve key figures directly from Zenegy in Danske Bank’s online banking solution District.

In District, you can get an overview of payroll expenditure, with key figures from Zenegy displayed on the front page. In this way, you can keep track of future salary payments, view changes in expenditure across the business and follow up on pending approvals of mileage, holidays and time registrations, for example. You will also be alerted to outstanding holiday allowances and be able to track mileage, time costs and employee turnover.

Talk to us about Zenegy Payroll

What do you get with Zenegy Payroll?

  • A fully digital payroll solution that can be customised to the requirements of your business.
  • An open API offering easy integration with other systems and apps.
  • Automation of payroll and HR administration.
  • Functionality such as mass edit, advanced bookkeeping, date management and an advanced approval flow.
  • Automatic processing of holiday registrations and automatic zero filing.
  • Employee app for easy registration of time, mileage and absence
  • Access to interactive, digital payslips in 12 different languages and explanations in the app of all payslip details, for example holiday rules.
  • Free support via in-app chat, email and phone.

Questions and answers about Zenegy

The services are offered by Zenegy ApS and Danske Bank A/S assumes no liability or responsibility for the services. Danske Bank A/S receives a commission on service use and is a major shareholder in Zenegy ApS.

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