Make your payments less complicated with AltaPay

Do you use multiple payment platforms and solutions from payment service providers and card acquirers? Is it complex for you to handle payments from multiple e-commerce, in-store and mobile channels?

AltaPay is your single connection for receiving payments across all channels and across borders, enabling you to take the complexity out of your payments. With AltaPay, you can reduce complexity and it will be easy for you to handle payments across solutions, acquirers and service providers.

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What can AltaPay offer you?

  • One point of contact – both for integrations and support
  • Reduced manual efforts with automated online reconciliation and standard reporting for all payments
  • Tokenisation that provides you with insight into your customers’ buying patterns, enabling you to create value-adding services and give them a seamless experience
  • Flexibility when your business grows and enter new markets – easy to expand with more shops, terminals and payment options
  • Customisation of the checkout experience to visually reflect your brand, connecting your customers to the brand
  • Omni-channel platform with multiple payment solutions, enabling your customers to pay with their preferred solution

Danske Bank’s partnership with AltaPay

AltaPay is an international payment solutions company founded in 2008, headquartered in Denmark and operating worldwide.

Danske Bank has entered into a partnership with AltaPay, which provides a single connection for merchants to receive payments through e-commerce, in-store and mobile channels, connecting payment solutions into one platform.

We point out that the services and products are offered by AltaPay and that any agreement itself is entered into with Altapay directly. Danske Bank is in no way liable for the services or products provided by AltaPay. Danske Bank A/S receives a commission on service usage.

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