AltaPay: One gateway to all payments

Does your business offer several payment methods? And is handling payments across in-store, e-commerce and mobile channels a complex thing?

With AltaPay you get one gateway to all payments across channels and countries – making life easier for both you and your customers.

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Gather all your payments with AltaPay

Complete overview on a single platform

AltaPay gathers all your payments on a single omnichannel platform, whether they are made via in-store, e-commerce or mobile channels.

Less manual processing

With automatic online reconciliation and unified reporting, you can reduce your day-to-day payments workload.

Flexible platform tailored to your business

AltaPay can be customised to your specific needs. And you can add more shops, terminals and payment methods as your business grows.

What is AltaPay?

AltaPay enables you to gather your business’s payment methods on a single platform and to easily handle all the payments you receive from customers. Overall, AltaPay offers three solutions, which you can combine or select individually depending on the needs of your business:

  • E-commerce solutions
  • Payment terminals
  • Card acquiring solutions

Danske Bank has entered into a partnership with AltaPay, an international business that offers payment solutions globally and a single gateway to payments across channels and countries.

Talk to us about AltaPay

Why choose AltaPay?

With AltaPay you get:

  • An omnichannel platform that handles multiple payment methods. It gathers your payments and allows your customers to use the payment method they prefer.
  • A single gateway to both the integration and the support of multiple payment methods.
  • Automatic online reconciliation and unified reporting, which reduces the amount of manual processing.
  • Insight into customer buying habits, so your business can offer value-creating products and services and give your customers a good experience.
  • Flexibility. AltaPay can easily be expanded to include more shops, terminals and options as your business grows or enters new markets.
  • A customised payment experience that visually supports your brand in relation to the customers.

How a Danish exporter optimised their European payments with AltaPay

Straightforward processes, greater flexibility and better access to data – just some of the benefits enjoyed by Carl Hansen & Søn after choosing a single payment solution, AltaPay, to cover their European markets.

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Questions and answers about AltaPay

The services are offered by AltaPay A/S, and Danske Bank A/S assumes no liability or responsibility for the services. Danske Bank A/S receives a commission in connection with the partnership.

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