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Do you use your Danske card online?

Approve online and app-based purchases using a one-time passcode and password

  • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is being rolled out across Europe for card payments online.
  • It is a new way to give you greater protection when you are shopping online or using a mobile app, with your corporate card or debit card.
  • When using your card online, transactions with SCA will require two factors for authentication – a one-time passcode sent to your mobile, along with a unique password that you create.


To continue using your Danske Mastercard or Debit Card to shop online you will have to:

  • 1) Register your mobile phone number with Danske Bank 

    Either via your Administrator on District (Danske Bank's online platform)


    By phoning Danske Bank Card Support on +353 1 484 3704.

  • 2) Receive letter from Danske Bank in the post 

    Follow the instructions on the letter you received from Danske Bank via your company
  • 3) Create your unique password*

    Go to www.danskeci.com/ie/cardadmin 

    Use the customer number and temporary PIN in the letter to create your unique password.

    Requirements for a unique personal password:

    • 6 – 40 characters
    • Mix of uppercase and lowercase letters
    • Include letters and numbers
    • Includes special characters
    • Does not include the following special characters > <
    • Does not start with a zero

    *Important: The unique password you create should be kept secure, as any replacement temporary password may need to be issued by post, potentially causing significant delay to your ability to complete a transaction online.

  • 4) Make secure purchases online using two-factors 

    Using your Danske Mastercard or Debit Card, you can now authenticate your online purchases using your unique password, along with the one-time passcode sent to your mobile number

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