Benefits and Features 
Debit Mastercard Business is a debit card that is typically linked to a business current account. It's a convenient card as it saves you having to carry cash.

Greater worldwide and online acceptance
The card has a wide acceptance at retail locations around the world, on the internet and at ATMs – wherever you see the Mastercard logo.

It supports cash-back (where cash-back is offered by the retailers) through POS (Point of Sale) terminals up to a maximum amount of €100.

Prices and Conditions
For further information on our prices and conditions please see our Corporates and Institutions Fees and Charges brochure. 
A Government stamp duty of €5 is levied annually on all debit/ATM cards.

Important information

Exchange rate
The exchange rate that will be applied to any Transaction (or refund thereof) that needs to be converted into euro will be based on an average rate calculated from the card scheme (Mastercard) exchange rates for all transactions on that day in the same currency. A variable margin will be added to this exchange rate. The applicable exchange rate will be that which applies on the Business Day NETS executes the transaction. Current rates can be found at here (select Mastercard, search for Danske Bank Irish Branch and click “show rates”). Exchange rates can change continually and without notice. 
A conversion fee, which is set by the Bank, is also applied to the transaction. The conversion fee is outlined in our Large Corporates and Institutions Fees and Charges brochure. 
If you use the card to make a purchase in a currency that is not Euro, the merchant may propose converting the amount of the transaction into euro before processing the transaction. Before you agree to do this, the merchant must outline any charges and the applicable exchange rate or reference exchange rate. The exchange rate or reference exchange rate used by the merchant may be different from that which would have been used by the Bank had the merchant not carried out the conversion.
For further information please see our General Terms and Conditions for Large Corporates and Institutions.