Mastercard Corporate Gold

The Mastercard Corporate Gold card is ideal for business owners and their employees who travel and have significant business-related expenses.

The Gold card option will be particularly useful to the more frequent traveler who wants to take advantage of the associated benefits such as access to business lounges.

Benefits and Features 
The Mastercard Corporate Gold card, in addition to the standard benefits, offers the cardholder priority pass benefits.
Mastercard is accepted in over 24 million outlets worldwide.

Benefits include:
Annual fee of €75 per card; 
Multiple cards with minimum optional card limit of €6,500;
Credit limit on the account of up to €2,000,000; 
Maximum daily withdrawal of €650 from ATMs; 
Access to card usage data via District;
24 hour customer service

Lounge access in airports

With your Mastercard Corporate Gold card, you will also receive membership of Priority Pass. Priority Pass is the world's largest and most extensive airport lounge programme, giving members free access to 1300+ lounges around the world, even if you do not fly business class.

Features include:

Every month you receive a statement covering all transactions on the account. Depending on the date of travel, the invoice might include transactions before, during and after the journey. This makes it easy for your staff to complete their travel expense claims.

This means that all payments are gathered together and you receive only one overall invoice instead of many invoices from separate suppliers. In addition, you benefit from a longer credit period.
Repayment in full is required each month.

Monitor your card activity

With a Mastercard Corporate card, you can monitor your card account in the same way as your other accounts in District. This means that you can keep track of transactions, and check the available balance.

Additional benefits include:

• Hertz Car Rental discount

Exchange rate
The exchange rate that will be applied to any Transaction (or refund thereof) that needs to be converted into euro will be based on an average rate calculated from the card scheme (Mastercard) exchange rates for all transactions on that day in the same currency. A variable margin, currently 1.75% of the amount, will be added to this exchange rate. The applicable exchange rate will be that which applies on the Business Day NETS executes the transaction. Current rates can be found at here (select Mastercard, search for Danske Bank Irish Branch and click “show rates”). Exchange rates can change continually and without notice. 

For further information please see our Terms and Conditions for Corporates and Institutions.

Prices and Conditions 
The annual fee for this card is €75.
Government Stamp Duty of €30 per card per annum applies.
The MasterCard Corporate card interest rate is 9.75% (14.38% APR*).

*This annual rate of interest takes account of all the costs involved over the term of the loan, such as any set-up charges and the interest rate. It is a good basis for comparing the costs of different loans, provided the loans are all for the same term.
For further information on our prices and conditions please see our Corporates and Institutions Fees and Charges brochure. 

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