On Monday 7 September, Danske Bank Research hosted a conference call with Professor in Virology from the University of Copenhagen, Allan Randrup Thomsen, on COVID-19 and the prospects of a new vaccine. Find his main conclusions or listen to a recording of the session here.

”We are now six months into a global pandemic that has turned our lives and the global economy upside down. The development of Covid-19 is still an urgent topic for many of our clients, and thus we are happy to provide an update on the virus with Allan Randrup Thomsen, who is a leading expert on the topic,” says Jakob Ekholdt Christensen, Head of International Macro and Emerging Market Research in Danske Bank.
According to Allan Randrup Thomsen, a vaccine is not on its way in the near future, explains Bjarne Breinholt Thomsen, Senior Equity Analyst in Danske Bank, and co-host of the session:
“A lot of investors are betting that a vaccine will soon be ready, but according to Allan, a realistic roll-out in the western world will not take place before summer 2021. Restrictions and social distancing could be with us for another year and the worst affected parts of the economy, especially the service sector, should prepare for the challenging environment for an extended period.“
You can listen to a recording of the call here (only available for the next 14 days) and find our Research paper with Randrup’s main conclusions here