The fact that more and more corporates and businesses in the Nordic region choose Danske Bank as their cash management partner is no coincidence, as this is a line of business which constitutes a cornerstone in our everyday banking offering, says Global Head of Transaction Banking, Claus Harder:

"We have long-standing expertise and a wide and robust offering, and this is what customers look for, regardless of size. They prefer to have most of their cash management needs met under one roof and come to us for our strategic and proactive guidance. We continually see very high customer satisfaction levels regarding our cash management services, and customers consistently point to our solutions design, implementation ability and our daily support levels as major reasons for this."

In February, Danske Bank was awarded as the leading Nordic cash management bank 2024 by the independent customer satisfaction survey provider, Prospera, who conducted 288 interviews with Nordic corporate and businesses about who is their favoured cash management partner.

“Our commitment to ongoing development of our cash management business is one of the ways to set us apart.”

Claus Harder
Global Head of Transaction Banking

Ready for the future
Danske Bank's cash management solutions are crafted to meet the dynamic needs of businesses. With a focus on delivering efficiency, transparency, and control, we enable companies to manage their financial operations effectively today, just as we want to meet the demands of tomorrow.

To do so, we for instance look at partnerships as a way to contribute to a stronger and more relevant offering, Claus elaborates, specifically mentioning Open APIs as efficient enablers of enhanced collaboration. Regardless of the strategy, however, Danske Bank remains vigilant for opportunities that will help us consistently deliver superior cash management solutions.

"No doubt, in an increasingly digital world, staying ahead of industry advancements is vital. Our commitment to ongoing development of our cash management business is one of the ways to set us apart, and we continually invest in technology to remain relevant to our customers,’ he finalises.

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Business typically invest in cash management solutions to obtain:

  • Operational Efficiency: Our solutions streamline business operations by automating processes like payments, receivables, and reconciliation. This automation not only saves time but also minimises the likelihood of errors.
  • Enhanced Cash Flow Management: Our cash management solutions offer a clear view of a company's cash flow. This clarity enables better forecasting, budgeting, and identification of any gaps, facilitating necessary adjustments for maintaining a healthy cash flow.
  • Risk Mitigation: Our solutions help minimise financial risks. They assist in fraud detection, provide secure transaction processing, and ensure compliance with regulations, thereby offering peace of mind.
  • Real-Time Access to Information: Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our cash management solutions provide real-time access to financial data. This feature empowers businesses to make timely and informed decisions.
  • Cost Savings: By automating manual tasks, reducing errors, and optimising cash flow, our cash management solutions can generate significant cost savings.
  • Optimised Liquidity Management: Our cash management services include liquidity management solutions that help businesses optimise their use of cash, thereby enhancing profitability.
  • Integration Capabilities: Our cash management systems can integrate seamlessly with other financial systems. This integration provides a unified view of a company's financial situation, simplifying management tasks and fostering better financial control.

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