From a process and technical perspective, the benefits for you of bringing your IT platforms closer to Danske Bank’s IT platform are obvious.

Automated integration solutions that enable straight-through processing pave the way for making bank-related processes

  • simpler
  • automated
  • efficient
  • secure
  • standardised
  • cost-effective

The automated channel is relevant for a variety of reasons, for example, when you want to improve the file transfer process, make it more secure and avoid manual processing.

The automated channel can also offer nearly real-time transaction updating inside the ERP/Treasury management system of your choice because it can be invoked at any time.

A group-wide communication channel to Danske Bank
Danske Bank offers a group-wide communication and security solution based on the Web Service standard. The channel can be used, for example, to exchange payment files with Danske Bank in order to gain the benefits mentioned above, and to solve the challenge of connecting your IT platform (such as ERP, treasury, forecasting and netting systems) to Danske Bank’s central EDI Gateway.

Two sets of Web Services combined
The Web Services technology in general is a global standard and a proven way of communicating between two parties. At the Danske Bank Group, the Web Services solution is divided into two categories of service:

Web Services
This is the communication part and it supports the following functionality:

  • Send a file (e.g. a payment file) to the Bank
  • Receive a list of files ready to be downloaded
  • Receive a file (e.g. an account statement) from the Bank

PKI Web Services
This is the part that handles certificates used to secure the files. It supports the following functionality:

  • Creation of certificates used to sign and secure the files
  • Renewal of certificates
  • Other services related to certificate processing

The two sets of Web Services combined offer a complete communication and security suite.

The suite provides a secure and reliable automated channel between your IT platform and the Danske Bank Group's central EDI Gateway that is based on customers initiating the communication, for both uploading and downloading files.

What is needed?
The usage of Web Services needs to be integrated in your business system.

Besides having a business system that supports Web Services, you must also have a District/eBanking agreement with Danske Bank in order to benefit from using the Web Services.
By enabling the usage of the Web Services directly in your business systems, such as ERP systems, you can communicate directly with Danske Bank. Business system users thus experience communication with Danske Bank as an integrated part of the business system. 

Implementation support for Web Services
In the fold out section below, there are links to implementation guides and WSDL and XML schemas.

Getting started