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SFTP at Danske Bank is hosted by KMD eC ServiceCenter. With eC SFTP it is possible to send and retrieve data using secure communication.

eC SFTP is a solution that allows you to upload and download data using SFTP communication. Each company uses their own selected SFTP software (eg. OpenSSH, SSH.COM or similar).

KMD eC ServiceCenter uses one of the most widely used SFTP products on the market. Still we can not guarantee that all types of SFTP products can communicate with this product.

What is needed?
The usage of SFTP needs to be integrated into your business system.
Besides having a business system that supports SFTP, you must also have a Business Online/eBanking agreement with Danske Bank in order to benefit from using SFTP.

Implementation support for SFTP
For specific setup with Danske Bank please refer to documentation, which can be obtained by contacting Customer Support.

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