Large global businesses banking with different financial institutions around the world often spend considerable resources on managing several electronic banking solutions.

Each bank has its own connectivity and security solutions. Consequently, you as a customer have to manage multiple international communication channels.

With SWIFT for Corporates, you will have only one point of entry to all banks around the world.

Security is part of the channel so additional signing or encryption is not required by Danske Bank.

What is SWIFT for Corporates?
Our solution is based on the MA-CUG (Member-Administered Closed User Group) and SCORE (Standard CORporate Environment) access modules, including their interface and security solutions.

Through the SWIFT network, you can send payment instructions and receive reports from different banks in different countries.

Today, banks use SWIFT to exchange information because of its highly reliable system and security-enhanced messaging platform.
Both the MA-CUG and the SCORE services provide you with a single gateway to all your banks - Danske Bank included.

Swift for Corporates offers treasury, payment and cash management services to

  • lower costs and increase efficiency
  • improve STP and visibility on cash
  • improve control and compliance
  • increase security and reduce risk.

SWIFT for Corporates in the future

Our aim is to continually expand our MA-CUG and SCORE services to support new requirements from our customers.

What is needed?
The usage of SWIFTNet FIN needs to be integrated in your business system. Besides being a member of MA-CUG or SCORE you must have a DIstrict/eBanking agreement with Danske Bank in order to benefit from using the channel.

Implementation support for SWIFTNet FIN
Please contact your relationship manager if you want to know more about Danske Bank's SWIFT for Corporates, MA-CUG or SCORE.