ISO 20022 XML File validation 

When implementing ISO 20022 XML in your ERP/Finance/Treasury System it is important that you follow the overall standard given by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that Danske Bank has committed to follow.

This overall standard is technically described by the ISO organization and all banks supporting this international standard must ensure correct validation. Next level of validation is the payment logic, which is defined by Danske Bank, but still following the ISO standard.

This page will help and guide you to validate the payment initiation file pain.001.001.03 against the overall ISO 20022 XML schema standard (xsd) and not the Danske Bank payment logic.

We recommend you validate your pain.001.001.03 files prior to reaching out to our support as errors are primarily related to the overall XML standard.

Below you find a video that can easily help you to validate the pain.001.001.03 file according to the ISO 20022 XML Schema file (xsd). 

Application and schema file (xsd) required to perform the validation on your environment can be downloaded via below links. Schema file must be unzipped before use in Microsoft XML Notepad.  (application) (zipped schema file, xsd)

 Danske Bank ISO 20022 XML documentation and example files can be found here: 

Video: How to validate ISO 20022 XML pain.001.001.03 

To get started validating your payment initiation files - pain.001.001.03 and quickly get results with your format testing please watch the video to learn how to perform the validation. 

The video guide is an example of how XML files can be validated using 3rd party applications. Danske Bank is not responsible for the 3rd party applications shown in the video guide and the video is for information purposes only. 

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