Reconciliation formats are used for updating account balances and details about individual postings.

Note that some of the reconciliation files are country specific and may not be possible to order for accounts in other countries than the one it was designed to support.

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ISO 20022

Message NameMessage Implementation GuideExamples
Account Reportcamt.052.001.02 CGI (pdf) 
Account Statementcamt.053.001.02 CGI (pdf) 
Debit Credit Notificationcamt.054.001.02 CGI (pdf) 

Camt messages contain codes and abbreviations shown in the Bank Transaction Code appendix.





Message NameMessage Implementation GuideExamples

Account Statement MT940 with Structured
To Account Owner

MT940 Structured (pdf)Example (txt)

Customer Statement 

MT940 (pdf)

Example DK (txt)

Example SE (txt)

Example NO (txt)

Example FI (txt)

Customer Statement
MT940 Extended

MT940 Extended (pdf)

Example BI (txt)

Example Giro (txt)

Example LB (txt)

Example NO (txt)

Example OCR (txt)

Customer Statement

MT940 SAP (pdf)

Example DK (txt)

Example SE (txt)

Example NO (txt)

Example FI (txt)

Example IE (txt)

Balance Report for Danske Bank
accounts and accounts abroad MT941

MT941 (pdf)

Example MCCP recurring (txt)

Example non-recurring (txt)

 Transaction Report MT942MT942 (pdf)MT942 (txt)


Danske Bank formats

Message NameMessage Implementation GuideExamples

Matching entries with
exteneded advice

PTX balance entries (pdf) 
Closing balanceBalance information (pdf)Example (txt)
Incoming paymentsCRECSF (pdf)Example (txt)
International transfersSchema (pdf)

Example (xml)

Schema (xsd)

Customer account postingCAP (pdf) 

Customer account posting
(unpaid Direct Debit)

CAP unpaid Direct Debit (pdf) 


Other standards

Message NameMessage Implementation GuideExamples
Danish joint inpayment formsFIK 71 73 75 (pdf)

Example FIK 71 (txt)

Example FIK 73 75 (txt)

Danish inpayment with adviceInpayment with advice (pdf)Example (txt)
Swedish Bankgiro receivablesBankgiro receivables (BGC)  
Norwegian account reconciliation 

KAF (standard) (pdf)

KAF (simple) (pdf)

Norwegian OCR giro OCR giro (NETS) (pdf) 
Finnish account statement Account statement KTON (pdf) 

Finnish request for balance 
and transactions

Balance transactions APSN TAPN (pdf) 
Finnish transaction list Transaction list VIPN (pdf)