Danske Banks supports SWIFT's MT standards for payment initiation (MT101) and direct debits (MT104).

The MT199 and MT900 messages are used to update statusses for Credit Transfers sent to Danske Bank. These messages requires a manual order in the system.

Danske Bank also supports a range of Cash Management messages allowing customers to reconcile their accounts and update balances.

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Message NameMessage Implementation GuideExamples
Request for transfer MT101MT101 (pdf)Examples (pdf)


Status message

Message NameMessage Implementation GuideExamples
Free format message MT199MT199 (pdf) 
Confirmation of Debit MT900MT900 (pdf) 



Message NameMessage Implementation Guide

Customer Statement
MT940 with Structured 
Information To Account Owner

MT940 Structured (pdf)
Customer Statement
MT940 (pdf)

Customer Statement
MT940 Extended
MT940 Extended (pdf)

Customer Statement MT940 SAPMT940 SAP (pdf)

Balance Report for
Danske Bank 
accounts and accounts abroad MT941

MT941 (pdf)

 Transaction Report MT942MT942 (pdf)


Collection service


Message NameMessage Implementation GuideExamples
Direct Debit MT104MT104 (pdf)