Collection Service is supported by a number of standard formats. The table below shows the formats in which the individual messages are supported.

The formats in which messages are supported

CollectionCOLLECTION (pdf)
DIRDEB (pdf)
 MT104 (pdf) OIOXML (pdf)
StatusCOLSTATUS (pdf)
BANSTA (pdf)
Debtor amendmentCOLDEBMOD (pdf)

 Debtor listCOLDEBITOR (pdf)
 Request for deletionCOLDELETE (pdf)   
 ReceiptCOLLACK (pdf)
 CONTRL (pdf)  
 Payment adviceCRECSF (pdf) CREMUL MT940 (pdf) 


Status reports may contain the status codes and abbreviations shown in this downloadable codelist (pdf)

To learn how to integrate Collection Service in your systems, download the Implementation Guide (pdf)

If you want to use SEPA Direct Debit as a collection method you can find the SEPA Direct Debit formats under SEPA Direct Debit

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