If your business uses several banks, it may be difficult to get an overview of your accounts and payments. And it may require a lot of work as you need to log on to several systems when you need to find out which account a payment was made from, for instance.

With the solution “Accounts from other banks”, you can easily get access to accounts and payments across banks and borders. You can see all the details in one overview – and you do no longer have to log on to several systems.


Log on to one overview, optimise your daily work – and save time

With “Accounts from other banks”, all you need to do is to open District when you need to see all your accounts and payments across banks. In that way, your daily work becomes easier, and you can potentially save hours every week, depending on how complex your business’ finances are.

In "Accounts from other banks" you can for instance:

  • Find the payment overviews you need in one place – instead of having to log on to several systems
  • Save time when you would like to have an overview of or reconcile payments
  • Search flexibly among payments and find the payments you need
  • Export details about payments and balances to PDF or Excel

Danske Bank is the first bank in the Nordics to offer a simple solution for businesses using more than one bank, which enables them to save time and optimise their daily work. Some of the businesses who are already using “Accounts from other banks” have told us that the solution enables them save several hours every week.

What is required to get the solution – and what does it cost? 

The solution is available in our financial platform District, where you will find “Accounts from other banks” in the left-hand menu. It is easy to get started with the solution – no special setup or technical expertise is required, and the solution is independent of ERP systems. 

You can try out “Accounts from other banks” free of charge for three months. After the trial period, the solution costs DKK 125 a month per user for up to ten accounts from other banks.

Please note that there may be banks that do not have the technical infrastructure required for you to be able to view accounts from these banks in “Accounts from other banks”.


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