This according to the independent customer satisfaction provider, Prospera, who just informed us that we are the aggregated winner of the Nordic Grand Total 2022 award.

Global Head of Large Corporates and Institutions, Berit Behring, says:
“I am super proud that once again in 2022, Danske Bank came out as the financial partner that Nordic large corporates and institutional clients were the most satisfied with.’

‘I want to thank our customers for participating in the qualitative interviews leading up to the Prospera reports. We each year learn a lot from the insights generated and will continue our quest to improve, looking ahead."
Berit Behring

“I want to thank our customers for participating in the qualitative interviews leading up to the Prospera reports“.

 Berit Behring, Head of Large Corporates & Institutions, Danske Bank

The Nordic award spans the four Nordic countries on both customer relationship and product offering categories, building upon in-depth customer interviews. It comes with a total of 2563 points, which is based on the rankings across 71 surveys, where Danske Bank has received a top position in 22 reports, confirming a high appreciation towards the bank's holistic coverage model and product competencies.

Underlying results

The underlying country awards similarly show high satisfaction in that the bank in 2022 maintained its first position in Denmark for the 11th year in a row (814 points), came out first in Finland (616 points), came out second in Sweden (583 points) and third in Norway (451 points).

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About Prospera

Prospera is an independent customer satisfaction survey provider in the Nordics. The annual Nordic customer satisfaction survey is based on data from the four Nordic countries, building upon qualitative interviews with customers from a number of different reports.

Every year, the various reports acquired during the year are aggregated to give an annual total score for each of our four home markets, and the annual Nordic report is calculated. In 2022, 4767 customer interviews were conducted.