Carl Hansen & Søn have been selling Danish furniture classics abroad for more than 100 years and now have flagship stores in 20 cities around the world.

The family-owned business needed a new Point of sale (POS) system in 2023, and they eventually settled on AltaPay for their European markets – a choice they do not regret.

“Previously, we had to be in contact with 7 different European suppliers of payment terminals. Now we only need to contact one – AltaPay – so logically that is a benefit. But as well as that we have experienced unrivalled customer service, greater flexibility and better access to data,” extols Maxmilan Frandsen, Head of Sales in Carl Hansen & Søn’s flagship stores, who cites an example of AltaPay’s customer service:

“Many perhaps view Europe as a more or less homogenous and standardised market. But that is not always the case. You may still have to deal with local market conditions and legislation – something we experienced with our flagship store in Poland. However, AltaPay was quick to provide a Polish member of staff who could help us understand and comply with local regulations.”

Furniture displays in the Carl Hansen & Søn Flagship Store in Amsterdam (photo: Ashkan Mortezapour Photography).
A tailormade solution
As well as the high level of customer service, Maxmilan is quick to point out that AltaPay’s tailormade solutions were a real boon for Carl Hansen & Søn:

“Our flagship store in Stockholm must be able to handle a lot of American Express payments. The same applies to our store in Bredgade in Copenhagen, because there are many tourists – who are, however, few and far between at our store in Gelsted on Funen, where it all started. So AltaPay being able to customise a solution that meets our wishes and the specific needs of each of our flagship stores is a huge plus.”

Peter Hansen, project manager in Carl Hansen & Søn’s flagship stores, fully agrees, and also highlights AltaPay’s user-friendly terminals:

“AltaPay’s terminals are extremely user-friendly, which is really important, as that means our personnel do not need to spend a lot of time learning to service them. Furthermore, we can now report all the way down to terminal level, which is a huge benefit for our finance department, as we can retrieve the data we want. In fact, we could do that from day one, which has been of great value to us,” explains Peter Hansen.

Proud to empower Carl Hansen & Søn
AltaPays’ CEO is excited to hear about Carl Hansen & Søn’s experiences as he is committed to empower his customers' growth and success.

"By championing simplicity and cost-effectiveness, we're proud to have empowered Carl Hansen and Søn to focus their energy on where it matters. Empowering our customers' growth and success is not just our goal; it's our commitment and has been since AltaPay was founded more than 15 years ago," says CEO of AltaPay Christian Rasmussen

Why choose AltaPay?

With AltaPay you get:

  • An omnichannel platform that handles multiple payment methods. It gathers your payments and allows your customers to use the payment method they prefer.
  • A single gateway to both the integration and the support of multiple payment methods.
  • Automatic online reconciliation and unified reporting, which reduces the amount of manual processing.
  • Insight into customer buying habits, so your business can offer value-creating products and services and give your customers a good experience.
  • Flexibility. AltaPay can easily be expanded to include more shops, terminals and options as your business grows or enters new markets.
  • A customised payment experience that visually supports your brand in relation to the customers.

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