Below you can see  the BIC/SWIFT addresses for all  countries of the Danske Bank Group.


 Danske Bank unit Bank Identifier Code
 Danske Bank, Denmark DABADKKK
 Danske Bank, Sweden DABASESX
 Danske Bank, Norway DABANO22
 Danske Bank, Northern Ireland DABAGB2B
 Danske Bank, London DABAGB2L
 Danske Bank, Rep. of Ireland DABAIE2D
 Danske Bank, Helsinki DABAFIHX
 Danske Bank, Hamburg DABADEHH
 Danske Bank, Poland (Warsaw) DABAPLPW
 Danske Bank, Luxembourg DABALULL
 Danske Bank, Finland DABAFIHH
 Danske Bank, Estonia FOREEE2X
 Danske Bank, Latvia MARALV22
 Danske Bank, Lithuania SMPOLT22
 Danske Bank, Russia DABARU2P


BIC is an international standard for identification of institutions within the financial services industry. BICs are used in automated processing. They unambiguously identify a financial institution or a non-financial institution. The ISO 9362 standard specifies the elements and the structure of a BIC. A BIC consists of either eight (BIC8) or eleven (BIC11) contiguous characters. These characters comprise either the first three, or all four, of the following components: institution code, country code, location code, and branch code. The International Organization for Standardization has designated SWIFT as the BIC registration authority.