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About Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Finance is the channelling of capital flows towards projects with a clearly defined environmental or social benefit. Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds are the key instruments that allow issuers to raise funding for projects that support a sustainable agenda. By engaging in Sustainable Finance, issuers and investors alike can contribute toward a sustainable future.

In a world that faces growing challenges from climate change and social inequality, Sustainable Finance is growing in importance. Sustainable Finance gives market participants a choice to act in a responsible way and to support positive change in day-to-day business.

As a leading bank within the Nordic capital markets, Danske Bank is taking responsibility by being fully engaged in Sustainable Finance. We are committed to support the market for Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds by providing expertise and advice to issuers and investors. As an active participant in the market, we provide a platform that supports the allocation of capital towards projects with an environmental or social benefit.

Danske Bank has been a signatory of the Green Bond Principles since 2014 and the first Nordic partner of the Climate Bond Initiative. Furthermore, we are a member of the UN Global Compact, the world’s most extensive initiative for corporate social responsibility. 

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