In Danske Bank we have a range of formats which allow easy integration. 
The formats are mainly comma separated. Payment formats support all the types of payments that can be initiated in Danske Bank.
The records in payment formats can be mixed in the same file across countries. When creating bulk debits all credit entries must follow a debit entry.

Collection Service allows for Direct Debits in all Danske Bank countries and for invoicing all over the world.

Note that some reconciliation and markets formats are country specific and may not support all countries.

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Status messages 

CountryMessage Implementation GuideExamples
All countriesBank status message (pdf)Example (txt)

Bank status messages may contain the status codes and abbreviations shown in this downloadable code list (pdf)



Message NameMessage Implementation GuideExamples
Matching entries
with extended advice
PTX balance entries (pdf) 
Closing balanceBalance information (pdf)Example (txt)
Incoming paymentsCRECSF (pdf)Example (txt)
International transfersSchema (pdf)

Schema (XML)
Example (HTML)

Customer account postingCAP (pdf) 
Customer account
posting (unpaid Direct Debit)
CAP unpaid Direct Debit (pdf) 


Collection Service


Message NameMessage Implementation GuideExamples
Danish electronic invoice

Danske Bank OIOXML (pdf)

NemHandel OIOUBL (pdf) 

CollectionCOLLECTION (pdf) 
Debtor amendmentCOLDEBMOD (pdf) 
Request for deletionCOLDELETE (pdf) 


Status messages

Message NameMessage Implementation GuideExamples
StatusCOLSTATUS (pdf) 
Debtor listCOLDEBITOR (pdf) 
Receipt COLLACK (pdf) 
Incoming paymentsCRCSF (pdf) 

Collection Service status reports may contain the status codes and abbreviations shown in this downloadable code list (pdf)
Collection Service Implementation guide (pdf)



Message NameMessage Implementation GuideExamples
Exchange rates DKKExchange rates DKK (pdf)

Example DKK CSV

Example DKK Fixed

Exchange rates SEKExchange rates SEK (pdf)

Example SEK CSV

Example SEK Fixed

Exchange rates NOKExchange rates NOK (pdf)

Example NOK CSV

Example NOK Fixed

Currency cross rates with

optional counter currency

Cross rates (pdf)

Example CSV

Example Fixed

Statement of contentsVPD shares and bonds (pdf)Example (txt)



Message NameMessage Implementation GuideExamples

Corporate Reporting Transaction

Volume Report (TRANVOL)

TRANVOL (pdf)Example (txt)

Corporate Reporting Bankgiro

Statistics (BGCVOL)

BCGVOL (pdf)Example (txt)

Corporate Reporting FEE Global

Service Code Report (FEEGSC)

FEEGSC (pdf)Example (txt)