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Today, corporates manage and monitor their finances using a multitude of platforms, often tapping into their banking partner’s systems and solutions. The process behind the integration required should therefore be as smooth and expedient as possible.

In Danske Bank, we strive to deliver easy integration between our solutions and your business systems, such as ERP systems. We support multiple international and country specific formats and comply with the ISO 20022 standard as a key lever to drive your integration costs down.

On these pages, you will find the information required to initiate, develop and maintain integration between your systems and those of Danske Bank.

Why use the standardised ISO 20022 XML format?

Companies operating in several markets are often struggling with simple things such as handling incoming and outgoing payment files. Each market has its own payment types with various types of  information, and file formats differ between countries. This makes it hard to achieve a harmonised payment process. 
Converting to the ISO 20022 XML format offers many benefits and will result in fewer steps and manual processes, making your daily work easier.

Watch the video to learn more about the benefits the format offers and what you should consider when changing to it. Or read more about benefits or see the FAQ.


ISO 20022 XML File Validation Tool

Here you can validate your pain.001.001.03 payment files to help make your ISO 20022 XML implementation successful.

Open validation tool

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File formats

Danske Bank supports standardized and country specific formats for you to choose from when integrating your solutions with ours.

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Channels and Security

Danske Bank offers a wide range of channels for data sharing. Here you will get an overview of the channels available and required security solutions for each channel.

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Upcoming changes

Here you will find information about upcoming changes to files, channels and security that may require changes for you as a customer or ERP provider.

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