Danske Bank is present in many countries, many of which use local sector formats. The formats supported by Danske Bank can be found below listed according to the Business area they relate to.

Please note that most of the formats are country specific and cannot be used in other countries than the one they were meant to support.

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Message NameMessage Implementation GuideExamples

Danish joint inpayment forms

FIK 71 73 75 (pdf)

Example FIK 71 (txt)

Example FIK 73 75 (txt)

Danish inpayment with adviceInpayment with advice (pdf)
Example (txt)
Swedish Bankgiro receivablesBankgiro receivables BgMax                            
 Norwegian account reconciliation

KAF (Standard) (pdf)

KAF (simple) (pdf)

 Norwegian OCR giroOCR giro (NETS)
 Finnish account statementAccount statement KTON (pdf)
 Finnish request for balance and transactionsBalance transaction APSN TAPN
 Finnish transaction listTransaction list VIPN


Collection Service

Message NameMessage Implementation GuideExamples
Danish electronic invoice

Danske Bank OIOXML (pdf)
NemHandel OIOUBL (pdf)

Swedish Bankgriot AutogiroAutogiro (BGC)
Federation of Finnish Financial
Services Invoices
Finvoice (FFI)



Message NameMessage Implementation GuideExamples
MasterCard Corporate CardDanske Bank record layout v.2 (pdf)

Danske Bank record layout v.1 (pdf)

SAP record layout (pdf)