P27: Simplifying payments in the Nordics


Due to changed conditions for P27’s operations, the company withdrew its clearing licence application from the Swedish Financial Services Authority.
P27 and the owner banks will reassess the initiative’s objective and scope.

The owner banks take full responsibility for the Swedish payment infrastructure and the current payments services will continue unaffected.

We still recommend you to move to ISO 20022 XML as this will mean you are prepared for upcoming changes and can benefit from a standardized global file format.

You can continue to follow our guidelines for how to implement ISO 20022 XML, as the guidelines follow new standards for Nordic payments and are not tied directly to P27.

More information will follow.
  • From nine different clearing solutions to one clearing platform
  • Harmonized payment services - you only need to use one payment format. The new standard format will be ISO 20022 XML.
  • Reach new scale and efficiency with an updated platform - real-time payments in SEK, DKK and EUR and the standardized and improved processes will contribute to lower financial and operational risks.

New modern payment services via a Nordic payment infrastructure

P27 Nordic Payment Platform is set to make payments easier. On this page you can find more information on how these changes affects you as a customer, Q&A's, important deadlines, and details about ISO 20022 XML.

  • P27 Nordic Payment Platform* is a company that was founded by six owner banks in order to establish a Nordic payment infrastructure. The aim is to create a platform for faster, simpler and more secure payments, both for domestic and cross-border payments. These payment services will initially cover Sweden, Denmark and Finland in the following currencies: SEK, DKK and EUR.
  • The plan is for these new Nordic payment services to replace the current payment services for companies, organisations and private individuals.
  • This new platform involves a transition to the standard format ISO 20022 XML for some payment files, with changes taking place at Danske Bank as early as 2023. 
*P27 Nordic Payments Platform, which is developing this new payment platform, is waiting for the necessary legal approvals to start its operations.

See how these changes affects you

The transition to the ISO 20022 XML format for files with Swedish payments has already started and you can read more about how this affects you below. This information will be regularly updated and include more local specific content.

As a Business Customer get to know the Danske Bank future file format:
Bankgiro’s file formats regarding Bankgiro's LB format (Leverantörsbetalningar LB also called Suppliers´ payments LB), Bankgiro's KI format (Kontoinsättningar/Bankgirolön also called Account deposit/Salaries) and Utlands-LB will be phased out by Danske Bank in 2023 and replaced by the file format ISO 20022 XML as the standard format. ISO 20022 XML is also the standard format for the future payment platform P27 and can already be used with Danske Bank.

Danske Bank recommends that you contact your business system supplier as soon as possible about the transition to ISO 20022 XML.

Questions & answers about

How this affects you as a customer

Market specific information

In the first phases of P27, domestic currencies in Denmark, Sweden and Finland will be introduced. To learn more about market variances, time plans and generally how to prepare for P27, visit our local P27 websites.

Changes in the payment industry

See our experts from Danske Bank explain what P27 is and what the changes mean for you as a customer.

Does your company make Swedish domestic payments via files?

The transition to the ISO 20022 XML format for files with Swedish payments has already started. 

See how you are affected by this change, as well as how to change and validate your payment files.

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Questions & answers

About P27

Why use the standardised ISO 20022 XML format?

Converting to the ISO 20022 XML format offers many benefits and will result in fewer steps and manual processes when sending a payment, making your daily work easier.

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Visit the web site for P27 know more

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You are welcome to contact us to have a dialogue about what P27 is and what it means for your business.

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