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Downloading and installing Danske Bank File Plugin

To send and receive files in Business eBanking, you must have the Danske Bank File Plugin installed.
For a guide on Plugin installation, please refer to the installation guide. If you are updating the Plugin, the same process applies.

Download and install Danske Bank File Plugin (version 2.0.3)

Citrix/Windows Terminal Server
Most configurations of Citrix/Windows Terminal Server require that an administrator install the Plugin for all users on the server. Please provide your server administrator to this page for the installation file.


  • Citrix
    How can I update the Plugin if I work on a Citrix or Terminal solution?

    Contact your server Administrator. Your server Administrator has to install the Plugin for all users on the server.
  • Plugin not located
    You have updated the Plugin, but you are being told that the Plugin cannot be located.

    There are several things you can try:
    • Close your browser down completely, and restart it. 
    • Do you have the access rights required to install the Plugin? Please check with your IT administrator.
    • Double check that our domain is added to Trusted Site in Internet Explorer with no prefix. See guide on how to do this. If this option is blocked, you need to contact your IT administrator.
    • Check that the Plugin appears under 'Apps and Features', and that there are no older versions present. If there are more than one version of Danske Bank File Plugin, please remove all versions and reinstall the latest Plugin.
    • Try to temporary set IE as your standard browser, log on "as administrator" and try again.
      • Search for 'Default App Settings' via the magnifying glass icon, bottom left, in your taskbar.
      • Click on the current default browser, and select Internet Explorer.
      • Find you Internet Explorer 11 icon, right click it, and select 'Run as administrator'.
    • Try to download the Citrix/Windows Terminal version: 
      • Click this link and choose "Save as" on the download prompt at the bottom of your page and save the download to your desktop. 
      • Open the .zip-file, drag the folder within on to your desktop, open it and run the DanskeBankFilePlugin.
      • After the completed installation, right click on the file 'Test-Plugin' choose 'open with' and select 'Internet Explorer'. If you get a message that says: ”Internet Explorer restricted this webpage from running scripts or Active X controls”, you must allow blocked content. 

  • Missing from Apps and Features
    You have updated the Plugin, but it doesn't appear under 'Apps and Features'.

    An old version might block the installation. Go to 'Settings' > 'Apps' > 'Apps and Features' and remove all versions of Danske Bank File Plugin before reinstalling the latest version.
  • Unable to permanently remove from 'Apps & Features'
    It's not possible to delete an older version of Danske BankFile Plugin from 'Apps and Features'. It keeps re-appearing in the list.

    Something has gone wrong. To successfully remove the Plugin you might have to reinstall the same version of the Plugin before deleting it again. You can find old versions of the Plugin here. If that still doesn't help, the File Plugin needs to be removed from Regedit by your system administrator.
  • MacOS
    You have got Mac OS on your computer, will you be able to use this Plugin?

    Our Plugin is not supported by any updated browser versions used on Mac OS. It is possible to use the Plugin on some older versions. You can download the Plugin for Mac OS.

     Download and install Danske Bank File Plugin(version 2.0.3)

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