The new framework will lay down the criteria for future green loans and green bonds across Danske Bank Group. At the same time, Realkredit Danmark issue their first green bond to the Danish market. 

Danske Bank Group today announce a new framework for their issuance of green loans and bonds.

“The new framework forms part of our long-term strategy to support societies to transform to net zero carbon economies by providing green financing. We expect investors to be interested in channelling financing via green bonds, including the green mortgage bond, to lending which have environmental positives,” says Samu Slotte, Head of Sustainable Finance in Danske Bank.

According to Head of Societal Impact & Sustainability, Jeanette Fangel Løgstrup, Danske Bank wants to increase its share of green loans and bond issues considerably over the coming years. The green mortgage bonds are the first step within Danske Bank’s new so-called Green Bond Framework, which lays down the criteria for the Group’s issuance of green loans and bonds.


“The transition to a sustainable economy with reduced CO2 emissions requires significant investments. We want to help provide more financing for sustainable and environmentally friendly initiatives, which also ties in well with our support of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals launched by the United Nations. We will therefore introduce solutions that will make financing new investments in climate-friendly buildings and technologies easier – or offer loans that will encourage businesses to adopt a more green profile,” says Jeanette Fangel Løgstrup

Realkredit Danmark issues green bond

Realkredit Danmark, Danske Bank’s mortgage finance subsidiary, today launch their first green mortgage bond to the Danish market. The green mortgage bond is aimed at commercial customers who have a green profile and who seek financing of climate-friendly properties with an A or a B building energy rating.

Find Danske Bank’s green bond framework here, and the SPO here.

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