• In the following, we look at when we can expect to see a peak in the new cases of COVID-19 across Europe and the US and as such the peak in the bad news regarding COVID-19. There is a lot of uncertainty about these projections and we are not virologists, but based on the experience in China, South Korea and indications from Italy, we aim to make a qualified guess.
  • Based on the experience of these countries we look for the following.
  • Italy. A peak in new cases is becoming clearer this week and we look for a peak in active cases around mid-April (active cases are the number of people currently infected, hence the difference between total accumulated infections and how many have recovered or died).
  • Germany and France. We look for new infections to peak late this week or early next week and active cases top out during the second half of April.
  • US. We think a peak in new cases could be reached by the end of next week and active cases peak in the last week of April.
  • We already see signs that Italy has topped out when it comes to the number of new cases. Both infections and deaths show a clear decline in growth rates.
  • As the peak becomes evident in more countries, we may approach the peak in 'bad news' regarding COVID-19, although the total numbers will still rise for some time.
  • We look for lockdowns to be gradually lifted during the second half of April and early May in both the US and Europe. 


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